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The film War Horse, based on the children's book by Michael Morpurgo, had been nominated in six categories at the Oscars on Sunday, but missed out in all categories due to the competition from The Artist and Hugo.

There is also a CD drama spinoff of the "Onegaiverse" called Onegai Friends . The characters in the CD Drama are Maiku, from class 1-A: Yamada-sensei, Karen, Miina, Haruko, Akina Sagawa, Futaba Mashita and Harumi Shinohara. Girl is in love with boy. Boy is in love with a different girl.

This week we get some ideas flowing with the Mark Cuban of podcasters, Scott from Pitchwerks.  Listen to his show at  https:///podcast  or   

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When Benioff and Weiss got the final version of the Hold Steady's "The Bear and the Maiden Fair," they were sitting with George . Martin in Santa Fe, and played it for him on their laptops. "Before the second line was sung, we were all beaming over how great it was," the showrunners said. "By the time the song was over, we'd already finished a bottle of tequila." Kubler chuckles when he recalls the feedback they gave him. "They told me that they were dancing with George . Martin," he said, "so I assumed it involved something like a bottle of tequila." [1]

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