The romulans - too hip for this planet - Space, the Wino Frontier: Drinking on Star Trek | Modern.

Stardate: Unknown On Deep Space Nine, Ezri must deal with the different reactions of the crew to her presence: Kira tries to be friendly, Quark flirts with her, Worf wants nothing to do with her, and Sisko is happy to see her. Ezri makes plans to leave the station due to Worf's discomfort around her presence, and the painful memories she provokes. When Garak collapses with terrifying bouts of claustrophobia, Sisko invites Ezri to stay aboard Deep Space Nine as the station's new counsellor.

It was because of the hard (yet somehow enjoyable) work of the original crew that earthlings soon enjoyed a universal reputation as being the hardest drinking wild-asses who ever rode a rocket into space. Then everything went to hell.

The Romulans - Too Hip For This Planet